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Turnitin Best Practices & Understanding the Similarity Report is a Course

Turnitin Best Practices & Understanding the Similarity Report

Ended Oct 15, 2018


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This synchronous webinar session reviews some best practices when using Turnitin, and also takes a deeper dive into reviewing and interpreting Turnitin results (Similarity Report). You will learn how to use Turnitin to identify acts of plagiarism, review Turnitin settings and Originality reports, and utilize the Feedback Studio filtering tools. This session will also outline the procedures used by Turnitin to match results and will cover common misconceptions surrounding Turnitin.

Session Date: October 15th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm


Paige Singleton


Turnitin Partner/Facilitator

Paige Singleton, a Customer Success Consultant with Turnitin, specializes in establishing and improving Turnitin - Customer Relationships and assisting clients with successful implementation and use of Turnitin products. Paige has a Master's Degree - Professional Development (MEPD) from the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. Her career includes a combination of secondary classroom teaching (history, political science and mathematics), technical training, and instructional design. Paige currently resides in Alabama, the longtime home of both her and her family.

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