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Canvas Badges using Badgr is a Course

Canvas Badges using Badgr

Feb 18 - Feb 19, 2019


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This synchronous webinar will demonstrate how to use badges in Canvas using Badgr. Badgr is a free and open source platform for badge issuing, management, and tracking user achievements. You can use badges to help motivate students to complete the content in your course. Badges can be quickly and easily added to the modules in your course, so that students can unlock a badge each time they complete a module. To make things even easier, the Badgr tool comes with a built in badge designer, where you can either design a badge from scratch or upload your own badge image.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  1. Create a module with a progression of steps or activities
  2. Add Badgr to a Canvas course
  3. Adjust the settings of a badge to manage who receives the badge and when
  4. Create a badge icon using the Badgr badge designer
  5. Display badges on courses for students and help them share their own badges on their Canvas profile

Session Date: February 18th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm


Brooke Doggett



Brooke Doggett is the Director of Instructional Design and Development at the Mississippi Community College Board (MSVCC). She has a decade of experience in distance education including eLearning and student support services. Her previous roles include having served as a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator and an Instructional Design Coordinator. She also was an Instructor of Technology in Business Administration for Hinds Community College. Brooke holds a Master’s of Science in Instructional Technology from Mississippi State University.

Brooke lives in Brandon, MS with her husband and two boys.

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